Stop and smell the roses…

..and enjoy the hydrangea, amaranthus, black eyed Susan, golden rod, sedum and dwarf zinnias too.. The late summer garden in bloom, and when the golden rod starts to flower-you know fall is on it's way.    

Ubiquitous Stella de Oro meets Jason Salter

When I welcomed Pumpkin Moonshine as the first daylily bloom on June 1, that was not in fact the first daylily blooming in failte gardens. Stella de Oro has been in bloom since mid May and will continue to bloom from spring to fall. She is 12" tall with 2 1/2" rich yellow-gold flowers that blend beautifully as a … Continue reading Ubiquitous Stella de Oro meets Jason Salter

Hallo, Pumpkin Moonshine !

On May 31st, The first day lily bloom here at Failte gardens is Pumpkin Moonshine, arriving right on schedule. The Pumpkin moonshine flower is rich gold with a red eye and yellow green throat. The edge of the petals are rippled and edged in deep red. About 22" high, it blooms over a long period … Continue reading Hallo, Pumpkin Moonshine !

Fairy Garden

Does your garden have a fairy? Here's our resident fairy, checking out the miniature gardens...they have to get her seal of approval... She's standing beside two creeping sedums (sedum Welhenstephaner Gold and sedum spurium Dragon's blood); Lysimachia nummularia (creeping Jenny); and Tiarella Cordifolia (Elizabeth Olive).

Welcome to Alba Landscapes!

What is a landscape that has "Southern Sensibilities"? It's a welcoming space viewed from a comfortable chair on a covered porch or a deck. The air is full of the scent of gardenia, Carolina Jessamine, Osmanthus, or honeysuckle and roses. Chickadees and cardinals chirp and flit from tree to tree, and sometimes there is the … Continue reading Welcome to Alba Landscapes!