What are the benefits of a professional landscape design for my property?

A professionally designed landscape is a place of beauty; it is a healthy place to relax  and restore yourself in nature; a place for children to play safely and a place to entertain friends and family. And recent research says that a landscaped property can add 28% onto the total value of your home!

What kinds of services does Alba Landscapes offer?

  1. We increase your property’s curb appeal by enhancing the foundation beds at the front of your property
  2. We create a healthy environment for your family and pets by planting non-toxic, low-allergy flowers, shrubs, and trees
  3. We design a low-maintenance landscape by selecting the best plants for the soil, light requirements, and water needs of your landscape.
  4. We restore the balance of nature by selecting plants that appeal to butterflies, bees, and other pollinators.
  5. We use beneficial and natural controls to reduce the need for toxic herbicides and insecticides.

We design and install for new homes with new landscapes and also work with established homes and landscapes, to help renovate and restore existing beds.

What steps are involved in the landscape design process?

 Step 1

Phone, text or email Jacqui and tell her about your ideas and dreams for your landscape. Landscape priorities and budget requirements will be discussed over the phone and/or on-line, and if you are ready for the next step, go ahead and set up a date and time with Jacqui for your own personal consultation at your property. The  consultation will last between 30-45 minutes and will cost $30.

Step 2

Jacqui will meet with you at your property for the consultation which will involve a site assessment. This means more questions, some measurements and photos of the site. She will take this information back to Alba Landscapes and put together a recommendation for your landscape and send you an estimate of the costs of the plants and the cost of the installation.

Step 3

This is the fun part! If you like Jacqui’s recommendations for your dream landscape, you’re ready to go. However, there are lots of options. You can add more plants, or take some out. You can order smaller plants, or larger shrubs. You might want to add herbs, or more pollinator plants. It all depends on your specific needs and your budget and it’s our job at Alba Landscapes to create your dream landscape in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Step 4

When the landscape design and cost is approved, we will set a date for installation (weather permitting). A 50% deposit is required prior to the installation of the landscape, the remaining 50% is paid on completion of the job.

And finally:

Jacqui will be available throughout the installation and for the final walk-through to answer any questions and concerns, and will provide information about the care of the trees, shrubs and plants installed.

How much do you charge for a landscape design?

It depends on the size of the property, the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the types and numbers of plants required as the design evolves. Remember that investing in and maintaining your landscape will continue to add to the value of your home.

How long does it take to complete the landscape design process?

It can take between 2-6 weeks and depends on the complexity of the project, how frequently we can meet, and how quickly you make your design selections. Inclement weather can also cause delays. Jacqui is committed to finishing your landscape efficiently and completely, so you can get out there and enjoy it!


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