How to prepare your garden for winter

Here in North Carolina, it does n't look too much like winter, yet. But it's time! We have passed the first day of frost  (October 14 ) and we know that  temperatures can drop overnight, without warning. Our first task - Pull out any annuals such as zinnias and trim and clean up remaining perennials. Next-Place … Continue reading How to prepare your garden for winter

The fall “Show Stopper” bites the dust

There was some thunder and rain last night, nothing too extreme but this morning when I looked out my window, my  Hellanthus simulans  (the swamp sunflower)  was sprawled over the garden path. This native sunflower from Niche Gardens was planted last year and I was astounded at it's rapid growth. I would have been totally … Continue reading The fall “Show Stopper” bites the dust

Favorite Fall Flower Combos

Asters are at their best in Fall, especially 'Raydon's favorite' for stunning color combinations. It helps me to take photos and record the date of bloom so I can remember what looks good, and when. So if I design a Fall garden in the spring season- I can look at my records and know the … Continue reading Favorite Fall Flower Combos

The consequences of nature in your garden

I was admiring the beautiful orb spider, when I looked deeper into her spider web and saw 2 butterflies- two monarch butterflies. The very butterflies I am trying to attract and save by planting butterfly weed and other pollinator plants. Looks like I just helped serve up a tasty dish to the resident spiders. Ouch.

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday saw the first day lily bloom this year ( not counting Stella d' oro which has been blooming for several weeks now) 'Kate Carpenter'  bloomed yesterday, followed by 'Pumpkin Moonshine" this morning. Both could not be more different. Both gorgeous. This is it- the start of the day lily season - keep up with it, if you … Continue reading What a difference a day makes

It’s not too late to plant for spring

Usually I try get spring bulbs in the ground by Thanksgiving This year I'm pushing the envelope... ice on the bird bath.. yet the soil is not frozen so for the brief time the sun came out, I grabbed my shovel and started digging! I popped in a mixture of tulips and narcissus, then covered the bulbs with some … Continue reading It’s not too late to plant for spring