How to prepare your garden for winter

Here in North Carolina, it does n’t look too much like winter, yet. But it’s time! We have passed the first day of frost  (October 14 ) and we know that  temperatures can drop overnight, without warning.

Our first task – Pull out any annuals such as zinnias and trim and clean up remaining perennials.

compost pile

Next-Place all cuttings and debris in a tub or wheelbarrow and take to the compost pile.

Then load a wheelbarrow with mulch and make sure you mulch around any tender plants such as dahlias, hardy ginger and crinum so that they can live through our winters and emerge unscathed in spring.

The best time to do this? On an overcast, cool and drizzly day like today.

Don’t forget to mulch planters too.
Hardy gingers will return late spring, each year growing bigger and bigger clumps.
A quick trim around the edges of a path gives a finished touch to the beds

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