Favorite Fall Flower Combos

‘Optimist ‘ dahlia with ‘raydon’s favorite’ aster

Asters are at their best in Fall, especially ‘Raydon’s favorite’ for stunning color combinations. It helps me to take photos and record the date of bloom so I can remember what looks good, and when. So if I design a Fall garden in the spring season- I can look at my records and know the best flowering plants for each month of the year, and the best companion plants for them, and plant accordingly. Keep in mind that the fall bloomers will need all summer to build up to their fabulous display in September/October and will not be at their peak in summer.  Use zinnias, dahlias and salvias to bridge the season between summer and fall.

native sunflower (15′ tall!) with ‘raydon’s favorite ‘ aster
Zinnias with ‘Raydon’s favorite’ aster and ‘black and blue’ salvia

4 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Flower Combos

    1. Thank you! Fall is a perfect time to gather huge bouquets of flowers. There are so many asters, chrysanthemums, berries, salvias, native sunflowers, dahlias- all of them easy to grow, robust and beautiful

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