How to match your home with your landscape

As a landscape design consultant, my job is to compliment my client’s home with their landscape.

In this project, my client had just added a beautiful garden conservatory room which needed a semi-formal, classical landscape to compliment the new addition.

A magnificent new conservatory addition with a not-so-magnificent raised bed outside the windows
My client needs a simple classical style design to compliment the new conservatory room overlooking the  raised bed
The client needs a harmonious, ordered landscape with lots of lush green foliage and colorful flowers. She wants instant color and  easy-care plants.
The first step in any project, is to identify the problem area. In this example, the whole area was cleared off. The soil was tested,  then additional soil added with soil amendments
The bed has some morning sun followed by  afternoon shade so shade lovers are the dominant plants. A border is introduced as a unifying element  to create a semi-formal look
Instant color is introduced by adding shade loving annuals- angel wing begonias, caladiums and impatiens. Hostas  provide contrasting textures
Repeating colors, shapes and textures are enclosed in a border of evergreen liriope , dwarf yaupon and dwarf arborvitae.

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