It’s not too late to plant for spring

Usually I try get spring bulbs in the ground by Thanksgiving
The bulbs needed to be buried at least 6″ deep

This year I’m pushing the envelope… ice on the bird bath.. yet the soil is not frozen so for the brief time the sun came out, I grabbed my shovel and started digging! frozen-bird-bathI popped in a mixture of tulips and narcissus, then covered the bulbs with some shovels of compost from my compost heap and filled in with the existing soil. Next I covered with area with some chicken wire to keep the squirrels from feasting on the tulips-making sure to hold the wire down with some landscape pinslandscape-pin

Just as I was adding a  good helping of mulch to the bed, the clouds came over the sun and the temperature started to drop. Later this evening, a soft drizzle of rain began to fall.

A covering of mulch helps to hide the chicken wire as well as insulating the ground and holding in moisture. When the bulbs start to push through in early spring, I’ll pull off the chicken wire and rake off some of the mulch



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