Join us this weekend in the Triangle for The Carolinas Therapeutic Horticultural Network Conference-August 19-20, 2016

And we have a busy agenda.

On 2pm, Friday, August 19, we meet at the farm at Penny Lane in Pittsboro, Sally Haskett is our host.

The farm at Penny Lane, located on 40 acres in Northern Chatham County, uses a holistic and sustainable approach to the quality of life of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness by offering opportunities to become healthier and more self sufficient. Current activities include, the Community Garden and a horticultural therapy program. A trained horticultural therapist guides the patients/clients through recovery. Participants in the program learn about gardening, nutrition, and how to prepare healthy food. Gardening also provides the opportunity for socializing and exercising. The center is collaborating with North Carolina Botanical gardens at UNC for its horticultural therapy program and the community garden. Thava Mahadevan, MS, ( is the director of the UNC farm at Penny Lane and operations at the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health

At 4pm, we meet with Suki Roth, founder and caretaker of Herb Haven, a vibrant teaching garden in the Haw River Valley in central North Carolina. The garden is dedicated to the education, growth and preservation of medicinal herbs. Suki is a community practitioner, serving as an educator, plant guide and herbal medicine consultant. At Herb Haven, we will help weed, participate in a medicinal plant meditation and a discussion about plant metaphors, tour the apothecary and then eat dinner together.

From 9am- 10.15 on Saturday, August 20, we will tour Transplanting Traditions, in Chapel Hill. Nicole Accordino is our host

The Transplanting Traditions Community Farm’s mission is to provide refugee adults and youth access to land, healthy food and agricultural and entrepreneurial opportunities. The farm provides a cultural community space for families to come together, build healthy communities and continue agricultural traditions in the Piedmont of NC. Currently 31 refugee families from Burma farm at a 5 acre site growing a mixture of crops from NC and over 40 crops native to Burma.

From 11-12 ,We will tour RambleRill Farm, with farmer and owner, Jane Saiers as our host, with Sally and Nicole. RambleRill Farm is on 10 acres in Hillsborough, NC and grows organic certified fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. They offer horticultural therapy and wellness programs to individuals and groups, including those with mental or physical illness or disability. Annie Baggett is our guest speaker and she will talk about the benefits of working with nature and horticultural therapy activities.

For anyone interested in horticultural therapy, this conference is a MUST and every year, the conferences keep on getting better.

For more information about the conference, contact  NC cooperative extension at // -therapy-network-august-workshop/

2 thoughts on “Join us this weekend in the Triangle for The Carolinas Therapeutic Horticultural Network Conference-August 19-20, 2016

    1. Yes- see my next blog post for details of the weekend. We had 25 more people since our last conference and had to turn people away from this event – not enough room for everyone. There is a lot of interest in ” back to nature” and worries about ” nature deficiency” in kids where young children are having minimal or no contact with the natural world. The farms we visited especially at Transplanting Traditions- are concerned about food security- which is a fancy way of saying that people are starving and can’t afford tombuy food.


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