Back with the MGs

Back with the MGs for Master Gardener Re-certification


Under the auspices of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, the mission of the Extension Master Gardener Volunteers is to learn about issues related to urban horticulture that are research based, practical and environmentally sound and to educate the community about these issues.

In 2002, I trained as a Master Gardener, starting in Orange County, then swapped over to Alamance County when Alamance started its own Master Gardener Program. At that time, I was studying at ACC for the Associate Degree in Landscape Design & Installation and was able to fit in my MG volunteer work around my studies.

Last year, while purchasing an insane amount of plants at the MG annual plant sale, some MGs suggested that I might enjoy re-certifying as a Master Gardener as a way to spread the word about the joys of gardening. Since I now work independently as a landscape designer and in charge of my own schedule, it struck me that I might be able to maneuver my time in a way that I could study and volunteer with the MGs again.

blackberry lily (2)
Blackberry lily- bought at the annual MG plant sale in 2013 and with whose berries I now have a dozen blackberry lilies growing in my garden

The Master Gardener Program is run by NC State Coop Extension Office which has the most up-to-date research information about plants, plant diseases, pest control and new plant developments, ecological and environmental issues such as rain gardens, energy efficient landscapes, and drought-tolerant landscapes. Other benefits? I get to meet and work alongside fellow-plant enthusiasts and have the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping people make the world a healthier and more beautiful place.

The first EMGV meeting for 2016 took place in January and it was with great relief that I discovered that the MGs had kept their most venerable and esteemed tradition; covered dish for lunch. It was so great to see lots of food people at the meeting…!

The Horticultural Department Alamance County Extension Service at 209 N.Graham Hopedale Road, Burlington NC also offers classes that are FREE and open to everyone-


CALL 336-570-6740 or




2 thoughts on “Back with the MGs

  1. Ha ha ha – what a good idea, sounds like a very supportive organisation and great way to share information and exchange views about gardening – not forgetting the lunch ;o)


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