A Day in the Life….

A Day (or two)  in the Life of Alba Landscapes…..

Our mission is to create a small, easy care and easy maintenance private area….


august 24DSCN8480








….by removing 440lbs of ivy, digging 3’x 3′ holes, planting 7-8′ hollies…

loading 440 lbs of ivydigging hole for 7'holly








….adding arborvitae, azaleas and gardenias…

setting out plants tuesday august 23assorted plants








…bringing in lots of mulch and water…..


arborvitae with azaleas and gardeniasbed mulched








….where the hollies and azaleas will create an all season privacy hedge

DSCN8605and a beautiful view from the back patio.


Time to celebrate!













2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life….

    1. Thank you! We were really pleased with the results, as was our client. I had as my inspiration the beautiful vista of layers of tree and shrubs from Dawyck Gardens, in Peebles, Scotland….Aim high, that’s my motto!


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