Unashamedly Fickle

A new rival for my affections

Almost immediately after declaring swamp mallow as my favorite summer plant-I switched my affections to the tiger lily or the Turk’s cap lily (Lilium superbum)..and it’s not because it has a super bum (British readers please note) My tiger lilies are about 6′ tall and bent over, battered by several storms that have hit the area in the last week. Their stems are not as thick or tough as the swamp mallow’s, and they have slender leaves in whorls all the way up the stem with flowers at the very tip.

tiger lily

Here’s what the Illinois wild flowers info. webpage says:

“The flowers hang from stalks about 4-8″ long, they are about 3-4″ across , with 6 tepals that flare outwards and then curve back beyond the base. They are yellow orange near the base, and orange to dark orange towards their  tips with brown purple dots towards the throat of the flower.

The stamens are quite conspicuous and strongly exerted from the base of the flower, with reddish brown to black anthers that are 1/2″ or longer in length .They surround a long whitish orange stigma that curls slightly upward and is orange or brown towards its tip.”

Hard to believe that this exotic and flamboyant bloom is a native plant and actually has a very retiring nature …


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