The Return of Swamp Boy

 Summer arrival of the Swamp Mallow

One of my favorite Southeastern natives has just started to flower-  swamp boy AKA Hibiscus coccineus. He arrives every year at the beginning of July and has stunning, ruby red flowers, bigger than the size of my hand.

swamp mallowside swamp mallow

Reputed to like living in bog conditions, my swamp mallows are doing nicely against the back fence with semi-dry conditions in almost full sun. They can grow up to 8′ tall with each bloom lasting for a day- and as you can see, there are plenty buds for continuous bloom over summer. I found my plants at the Botanical Gardens at Chapel Hill and highly recommend going there for a great source of  healthy, robust native plants.



2 thoughts on “The Return of Swamp Boy

  1. Hi Jacqui, logging on from a DIY centre in France and wanted to ask (while I have the internet) if there are many flowers that only bloom for one day? It seems such a short time, when others, like roses, seem to bloom for weeks. Do you know why nature does this? Thanks 🙂


    1. Good question, Marianne. I wish I knew the answer…it seems that daylilies and hibiscus blooms only last a day, and there are some flowers that bloom only ONE DAY A YEAR!


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