Ubiquitous Stella de Oro meets Jason Salter

stella de oro day lily may 2015

When I welcomed Pumpkin Moonshine as the first daylily bloom on June 1, that was not in fact the first daylily blooming in failte gardens.

Stella de Oro has been in bloom since mid May and will continue to bloom from spring to fall. She is 12″ tall with 2 1/2″ rich yellow-gold flowers that blend beautifully as a ground cover and companion with Shasta daisies, ‘Purple Homestead’ verbena, phlox, purple and blue salvias, and catnip. Deadhead for continuous blooms.

Beside Stella de Oro, is Jason Salter, an 18″ tall, slightly more lime yellow 2 3/4″ flower, with washed lavender purple eye zone and green throat. June is the start of the daylily season, and I can’t wait to see the others as they all start to bloom!

jason salter day lily

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