Welcome to Alba Landscapes!

What is a landscape that has “Southern Sensibilities”?

It’s a welcoming space viewed from a comfortable chair on a covered porch or a deck. The air is full of the scent of gardenia, Carolina Jessamine, Osmanthus, or honeysuckle and roses. Chickadees and cardinals chirp and flit from tree to tree, and sometimes there is the whirr of hummingbird wings. Monarch and swallowtail butterflies hover over butterfly weed and fennel. It’s a landscape that’s beautiful to look at with friends and family and contains native plants that attract and support local birds and butterflies.

What does Scottish design bring to “Southern Sensibilities”?

Scottish garden design tends to incorporate a lot of “green,” due to the rainy climate of Scotland! And since there is a shorter growing season in Scotland, layers of foliage, perennials, annuals, shrubs, grasses, and summer and spring bulbs create a diverse and beautiful landscape throughout the year.

Because of the long history of plant exploration and garden design, Scottish landscapes tend to be much older (many more than 100 years old) and more established than Southern gardens. Borders and beds in traditional Scottish gardens often have complex, unique plant combinations.

An Alba landscape is one that combines the exuberance and depth of Scottish garden design with the relaxed elegance of the Southern lifestyle!

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